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Wallet to Wallet Trade

BankDex mediates wallet to wallet trade without the interference of a third party. The trader maintains control over the funds at all times. Trade wallet to wallet with BankDex!

Multi-Blockchain Support

BankDex is built on a secure distributed leger network that offers multi-blockchain support and ensures reliable exchange of different cryptocurrencies. The cross-chain token transfer surely has a special and practical advantage for traders. We will continue to grow our support for more crypto-assets in future.

Free Cancellation

BankDex allows its users to immediately cancel a transaction without incurring any extra cost or penalties. Feel free to cancel your order any time, free of charge.

Easy and Secure

BankDex is powered by a trusted execution environment based on the DAG with aBFT. This makes the platform highly resistant to security attacks. Enjoy a fully secure trade with BankDex!

User Friendly

Since traders’ convenience is of utmost importance, the BankDex user interface has been designed with a special focus on ease-of-use. All the functionalities for trading are easily accessible and any trader can get started almost instantaneously even if they are unfamiliar with various cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

Unlimited withdrawals
In Bankdex, there is no limit on number of withdrawals and within our network, you can withdraw funds any number of time at zero cost.
Peer to peer architecture
Maintain total control over your funds without any third party APIs involvement.
Free Transactions
Enjoy free transactions for the first 90 days of trading! A nominal fee of 0.003 USD will be levied thereafter.
Unparalleled Transparency
Experience secure and transparent transactions with all valid data stored on the blockchain.
Multi-currency E-Wallet
A single wallet for multiple currencies. Ensure seamless multi-currency transfer with BankDex E-wallet.
BankDex will grow relentlessly to enhance decentralised trading. Trade with more coins and assets in the days to come.
Account Recovery
Account recovery options are now simplified. Recover lost accounts on new devices with smart options from BankDex.
Simulator Exchange
Minimise the risk of trading in a volatile market. Make informed choices with the help of a proxy simulator exchange.

About Us

We are delighted to announce the launch of BankDex a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange is built on an innovative and groundbreaking technology that facilitates inter-blockchain transfer of crypto assets. 

We bring the most unique features to the decentralized exchange world like low fees, fast transaction and a wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The platform ensures a high level of security with robust smart contracts implemented by experienced professionals.

Experience the freedom of trading across multiple blockchains with unparalleled efficiency and reliability!


Reza Solgi
CEO & Founder

Abdolreza Alameri

Hamed Reza Alameri

Moahammad Solgi

Lin Wan

Kameila Rafiee
GM & ICO Manager

Saima Kamal
COO & Founder

Priti Upadhyay
Technical Architect and Solution Manager

Sajad Seif
HR Manager

Vadim Ionkin
Marketing Manager

Ilya Stonnikov
Marketing Specialist

Aneesh Vyas
Project Manager

Amin Mikailzadeh
Content Production Manager

Farzad Hoshmandi
Visual Advertisement Manager

Roqaye Rashidi
Graphic Designer

Reza Saboor
UI Designer

Dmitriy Sheludko
IR Advisor

Naveen Kapoor
ICO Advisor

Dr.Nima Azadi

Hossein Hirbod

Hamza Khan

Hassan Alipour

BankDex is a unique decentralized platform that connects multiple blockchains and enabling cross-chain trading. The platform ensures swift peer-to-peer transactions for over 500 tokens from the crypto-world.

BankDex is a decentralised exchange  specifically designed to overcome the inefficiencies of modern-day exchanges. Bankdex is exceptional due to the following reasons:

• BankDex is built on a core technology that rests on high-speed and high-performance servers. The platform verifies the transaction and makes it non-reversible almost instantaneously.

• Trader’s assets are absolutely safe as they don’t need to deposit into a central wallet.

• BankDex Platform uses DAG that makes it impossible to tamper with trading transaction history.

• BankDex is planned with support for practical services such as margin trading.

• Bankdex is fully extensible and will support an ever-growing number of coins even in future.

Yes, BankDex offers round the clock support to answer any queries of the user, on the exchange. We are available 24 X 7 via Email, Telegram and Facebook.


A Token sale is a means of fundraising for a cryptocurrency project where a portion of tokens from a new project will be sold to investors in exchange for money. The money may be paid as fiat/digital currency.  In fact, this procedure helps the creators of the project to raise money to support their operations. 

Yes, BankDex has a token named SAM. SAM is a new cryptocurrency token which is expected to power the BankDex platform and function as a global cross-border digital currency for all crypto enthusiasts. 


The soft cap during the crowdsale is 1000,000 USD and the hard cap is 6.500.000 USD

New orders on the books are placed by market makers waiting for another user to match them. These orders can be buy or sell ones. On the other hand, existing orders will be found by market takers to fill them.  While makers are those who place an order in the order book, waiting for the orders to be matched, a taker finds the orders from the order book, matches them and effectively removes them from the order book.

Yes, bonus earned by Investor when his affiliate joins would be 3% of his deposit and Incentive bonus offered to investor who joins using affiliate code will be 20 SAM token.

Users enjoy free transactions within the first 90 days of trading and a nominal fee of 0.003 USD will be levied thereafter. Moreover, BankDex has planned some motivational strategies to satisfy users and offer some additional free and discounted transactions. To transact from SAM to other tokens and vice versa, free of charge transactions for the first 6 months and 50% discount for the second 6 months will be offered. For example, if a user aims to transact from BTC to ETH, he/she can first change his BTC to SAM to benefit from our plan. Additionally, to direct transact of assets that the origin and destination of the transaction is a token other than SAM, provided that the user has at least 100 USD equivalence in his/her wallet, the fee will be deducted from the SAM balance based on certain discounts.

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